Family-owned and operated, Hamister Group, LLC is in the business of making caring our privilege.

Forest Hill Heights, LLC and its sister residences Brompton Heights, Inc., Orchard Heights, Inc. and Heather Heights of Pittsford, Inc. have been family owned and operated since their inception. Mark Hamister, Chairman and CEO of Hamister Group, LLC, started his first healthcare company in 1977.

When Mark Hamister opened Brompton Heights, Inc. in 1984, his grandmother, Evelyn, was the first resident. His father, George, led the original design of all three residences, and later became a Brompton Heights, Inc. resident. Jane Hamister, Mark’s mother, worked at Brompton Heights, Inc. as Recreation Director, and she continues to serve there as a volunteer art studio instructor.

We are excited to have Forest Hill Heights, LLC join our family and we would be honored to welcome you and your family into ours.